New Inventions that WILL Change the World

New Inventions that WILL Change the World
New Inventions that WILL Change the World

Introduction of New Inventions that WILL Change the World

New Inventions that WILL Change the World. let’s start rum delivery Samsung partnered with mana so that the delivery of products from its stores goes out of the conventional with nothing less than a delivery Through drones, a dynamic that ensures that the package will arrive in a few minutes at the user’s home.

New Inventions that WILL Change the World
New Inventions that WILL Change the World

These Drones Are Aerospace-Grade Developed Tailored Sides

It will only be a matter of making the purchase online and waiting for the delivery service in charge of the drone. Maná has already worked with other companies for the delivery of different types of products such as food, medicine, books, among others, these drones are aerospace-grade developed. tailored sides to deliver products directly to customers’ homes fly at an altitude of up to 80 meters at a speed of more .

Then 60 kilometers per hour allowing delivery to homes in three minutes in a first stage Samsung will begin to implement this dynamic only in Ireland but thinks about extending to many other places [Music] go roll bicycles became a preferred alternative for people who need an efficient transport system in cities besides exercising the body is a sustainable vehicle that does not generates emissions.

To Any Standard Frame, Neurol Has HEPA Filters

And from now on a special wheel will allow cleaning the air in urban centers adaptable to any standard frame Neurol has HEPA filters and activated carbon that receive the air that enters the openings that the system has on the wheel one of the points The most outstanding road is in its passive operation since it only requires the momentum generated by the person without .

The need for batteries or additional sources of energy because they will not use filters in the vehicles to clean the air, said Taiping about his prototype that I hope to take to a commercialization stage with the objective of common use bicycles generate energy by walking makes way by walking ‘and renewable energy can also be generated and clean smart tiles for when taking advantage of the footfall of the pedestrian and transform.

The Upper Layer Is Made Of Old Tires Capable Of Withstanding

It into watts ready to consume the moment to be stored in the electrical network placed in strategic places of the great influx of public such as shopping centers schools football stadiums streets squares or airport terminals the tiles are of course made with recycled materials and also the upper layer is made of old tires capable of withstanding more than five years of kicking sites has revolutionized the concept of the electric car.

These tiles could bring a new era of renewable energy thanks to the common form of transportation on earth walking the latest version is capable of generating 5 watts of continuous power from walking on one of those tiles one hundred 200 times more efficient than the first model the system includes an internal battery that stores the energy mainly intended to be used in public lighting advertising panels are Wi-Fi.

And to wirelessly charge our phones and smartwatches, for now, the tiles are somewhat expensive but in the last year, for example, the cost has dropped by 70% and the The objective of the pavilion is to reach about 45 dollars per tile OLED technology in the skin technology is not only advancing in the usual direction of the evolution of electronic components that .

New Inventions that WILL Change the World
New Inventions that WILL Change the World

It Were A Bracelet Or A Smartwatch

We can wear or that can accompany us in the environment of our home but that it is increasingly common to see devices that adhere to our body to monitor To start our activity as if it were a bracelet or a smartwatch and that is what Samsung has now developed with a new OLED technology applied to this complicated environment the preliminary idea is to create an OLED screen that can be connected to our wrist.

And Wearing it as if it were a watch, this screen, is connected to our body through the wrist, could monitor in real-time all our physical activity throughout the day and night, it is not only a screen but also integrates sensors and mechanisms to be able to perform electrocardiograms on users and you would buy one of these and you already liked and subscribed also .

If you like our content you can support us by sharing this article on any of your social networks it is vitally important that we reach more people and you can help us continue and elvio nica a robotic arm can change the life of anyone who needs it ite night and cowan volunteered to participate in scientific research the most important step he took six years ago when he underwent surgery in which small electrodes .

This Experiment Is The Development Of An Interface

Were implanted in his brain under this dynamic around the world more than 30 people already They have some type of implants of a similar category, the novelty of this experiment is the development of an interface that is bi-directional, this means that it can not only collect instructions from the brain to send them to the robotic arm in the same way but in the opposite direction to the limb. artificial can also send stimuli captured through.

Its sensors to be processed in the brain today as the band continued to use his brain-computer interface at home playing video games and learning to draw on a tablet using only his mind already synthetic Korn Recovering your sight at the age of 78 may seem impossible e but this has not been the case for a patient who will become part of the medical books.

This is the first patient to receive a new type of corneal implant created by the corniche company. family members immediately after surgery as well as reading the numbers on an eye chart the implant is called a key pro and is completely transplanted into the wall of the eye, complete integration is achieved in weeks by permanently embedding the device inside the eye of the patient. the patient can notice that.

Its Simple Manufacture it is High Payload Weight Ratio

The cornea is artificial but the result is quite natural origami wheel origami is the art of folding a paper to create shapes origami is what has inspired researchers to create a type of wheel capable of changing shape in real-time and withstand high loads thanks to its simple manufacture its high payload weight ratio and its softness d and flexibility the kinematic mechanism of the wheel is capable of supporting.

A load of more than 1000 kilos without a doubt its applications are maximum not only in fields such as space research but also for daily use since it will allow us to have the same vehicle for different terrains able to move between the beach, mountain and city changing the design of the wheels to be more efficient when we will see it applied in a standard way, they will still have to go through more years of tests, contracts, and adjustments.

But without a doubt, the technology behind this idea is very attractive robot-assisted surgery the company Medtronic has announced the first patient procedure with the Hugo assisted surgery system a modular multi-quadrant platform designed for a wide range of surgical procedures the system combines wrist instruments 3d visualization, and a powerful capture option of surgical video in touch software . YOU CAN ALSO READ Technological Inventions That Are at a New Level 2022 Futuristic Gadgets

The Economics And Utilization Of Robotics Based

And enterprise with e dedicated support teams specialized in optimizing robotics programs service and training Medtronic designed the Hugo system to help improve the economics and utilization of robotics-based on input from hundreds of physicians and hospital executives where patients experience fewer complications shorter hospital stays and a faster return to normal activities and fandi or using hydrogen as a fuel is an effective .

And ecological solution and more and more solutions are appearing so that it is viable to have something like this in the day to day trucks that use hydrogen have been in the news for some time now and we saw the hydrogen bicycle in 2019 now it is on a bicycle it is back in the news thanks to a new process to give.

It autonomy using water in the frame it has the electric motor, the battery, and the hydrogen tank and now they advertise some sachets with a solution that when mixed with water generate the desired chemical reaction the alpha bike of the company Fragma industry began to sell for 7 thousand euros .