Technological Inventions That Will Leave You With Your Mouth Open 2022

Technological Inventions That Will Leave You With Your Mouth Open 2022
Technological Inventions That Will Leave You With Your Mouth Open 2022

Introduction of Technological Inventions That Will Leave You With Your Mouth Open 2022

Technological Inventions That Will Leave You With Your Mouth Open 2022. let’s start there I saw we started with a pot that has an LCD screen on the front on this screen we can see the eyes and the smallmouth of the virtual assistant that comes to life through this small panel if.

Technological Inventions That Will Leave You With Your Mouth Open 2022
Technological Inventions That Will Leave You With Your Mouth Open 2022

It Is Capable Of Analyzing The Composition

It needs water it will tell us that it is thirsty if it is in a cold place it will also tell us and thus a series of visual messages with which we will know at all times if the plant is well since it is capable of analyzing the composition of the earth and the levels of h Once we fill it with water, moisture can remain moist for up to 10 days thanks to.

It self-dosing and not only interacts with us thanks to its gestures, but we can also caress the pot so that it feels that we are close And that we are paying attention to it, it also has a battery of 2000 melián pérez that is charged through a set-type USB connector that gives us a week of autonomy when fully charged.

The One-Dimensional Game Console Like Pong

Therefore we are in front of a pot that not only takes care of our plants but it also makes us a virtual company, the price at which it can be bought is about $ 79  like the one-dimensional game console like pong is a futuristic version of a classic table pastime that will offer players an easy way to entertain themselves which is easy to understand.

But difficult to master the game works with its tubular construction which is equipped with LEDs that will send a digital ball back and forth that players need to hit with the controller button users can play the game alone or with a friend to adapt to a variety of different challenges. YOU CAN ALSO READ Cheap gadgets that you are going to Want to have RIGHT NOW

A Smartphone Has Just Hit The Market Ios Or Android

The first one-dimensional game console features a variety of additional games to that users participate it is expected that this library of games will grow once the device is in the hands of the gaming community its price 119 dollars backs a mini smart projector ready to connect and project from a smartphone has just hit the market ios or android in 4k box reaches up to 120 inches which make.

It was suitable for family entertainment. The advantage it offers lies in being able to enjoy games, movies, and series at home is not the only thing since it is also portable and does not take up space and can move to the most convenient room in the home, and can even be used outdoors to use You have to choose the flat surface on which you want to project, it can be a wall, a sheet.

With a curtain or even the ceiling on the bed with a built-in 7,800,000 amp battery, it is possible to have 90 minutes of uninterrupted entertainment. connect an external power bank thanks to the USB charging port in addition to being well protected against dust to prevent particles from entering the interior spaces of the projector its price is 192 dollars and action 2000 and has launched the second generation of .

The Camera Sensor Has A Resolution Of 12 Megapixels

Its action camera one of the highlights of this new camera is that it has a modular format that allows us to expand the possibilities of the camera with a simple click the camera sensor has a resolution of 12 megapixels the videos that we can get from this camera have a 4k resolution with up to 120 frames per second can be submerged up to 10 meters in water per l o that we can perfectly record our article even in the pool.

It has a light aluminum alloy body so in addition to being very light it is also very resistant, returning to the modular format of this camera we can have a front touch screen thanks to one of The modules having this solitude screen and it has four microphones. In addition, with this additional module, the camera’s battery can provide 160 minutes of extra autonomy. There is also a rotating magnetic support.

That allows us to carry the camera as safe sticks and in a safe way. and more dynamic the new Dj camera can be purchased in its standard pack of 399 dollars hey you already liked it and subscribed also if you like our content you can support us by sharing this article on any of your social networks it is vitally important that we arrive at more people and you can help us we continue no one there fly.

It Seems To Draw Flames From Its Interior, In Reality

It’s my turn for a humidify car with a design that is the most interesting at first glance it looks like a toaster but nothing is further from reality it is a humidifier with a design that when it is turned on it seems to draw flames from its interior, in reality, it does not generate heat there are no flames either From a simple but effective visual trick by which some orange LEDs are reflected in the bass generated by.

The humidifier you can add essential oils with odors so that in addition to adding humidity to your room it smells much better has a capacity for 200 milliliters of water and only you have to add two or three drops of oil is so that the steam that it expels has pain for several hours its price is 79 dollars rowing but cold it is an ironing robot that through steam can also refresh and take care of your Clothes will also eliminate the wrinkles.

That you have, hence it is considered an ironing robot and disinfects and reduces the bad odors that you could see in the garments all this simply and comfortably has a power of 3 thousand 100 watts and capacity for three garments you put the garments on a hanger and underneath with what are the weight clamps so that when the steam is applied the wrinkles disappear The wrinkle removal process lasts only 10 minutes.

And Germs Without Having To Apply Detergents

It works even for delicate fabrics and the power of the steam also eliminates bad odors and up to 99.99 percent of viruses, bacteria, and germs without having to apply detergents or chemicals, and it can also do the same. for a dryer, its price is approximately 500 dollars see pure kate max that of being aware of the cat’s litter is now a thing of the past the pure ex is a sandbox with .

The appearance of a space capsule or a miniature washing machine that will delight cats and of those owners of the first because it will always have a gleaming sand and of the second because it will avoid the unpleasant maneuver of removing the Pure ex Pettitte waste adds an extra odor eliminator system that is activated as long as the self-cleaning mechanism inside .

The litter box has a total of four types of lifts dedicated to cat detection but without a doubt, one of the peculiarities of this sandbox is that it has a smartphone application through which you can select the different modes of operation, the self-cleaning sandbox can now be purchased from about 549 dollars bio omega hey, since I have understood the means of transport that is in fashion is the bicycle.

Technological Inventions That Will Leave You With Your Mouth Open 2022
Technological Inventions That Will Leave You With Your Mouth Open 2022

This Original And Curious Electric Trailer Lex

Electric versions are being highly demanded, however, they have a fundamental problem with the price because not to bet on the differential solution then we are talking about bio omega and the key to understanding this original and curious electric trailer lies in the possibility of loading different types of goods or even carrying in said space to a maximum of two crew members is for both a factor .

That can be decisive to replace, for example, the car on certain trips, and bio omega also contributes to pedaling thanks to a series of batteries and electric motor, its range of autonomy can go from 85 to 150 kilometers, its price is 200 approximately dollars, hello turner ex goes to most of the drones that are sold present a design of propellers in the air which supposes a greater risk in case of a crash.

The Sexual Lux Drone Hides A Wow With A Stanford Chip

The design of the drone ex one aims to solve this problem this small drone is the first bis rotor of the unmanned world the smallest in its category and its own donut shape that propellers any blow inside the sexual lux drone hides a wow with a Stanford chip that is responsible for providing power and managing the different sensors that feed the drone .

We have ensured that they do not have to sacrifice a powerful intelligence for size and safety to ensure their managers are á equipped with a 3d lidar sensor and a 4k resolution camera. LIKE IT Technological Inventions That Will Leave You With Your Mouth Open 2022.