Samsung one UI 4.0 The Best Ever

Samsung one UI 4.0 The Best Ever
Samsung one UI 4.0 The Best Ever

Introduction of Samsung one UI 4.0 The Best Ever

Samsung one UI 4.0 The Best Ever. it is very noticeable in this new version of the Samsung operating system and now Tonio will start for direct news How is theming not one of the great things that android 12 brought? Yes indeed, well, we have already told you about it in other videos, but Samsun g also introduces in one and in 4.0 its own version of the theming that is nothing else.

Samsung one UI 4.0 The Best Ever
Samsung one UI 4.0 The Best Ever

Then Are Nuanced Icons And Also A Particularity

It wants to change the accents depending on your wallpaper, let’s say that the option that you are going to find is practically the same as the one that you would find in a google pixel, and is that in fact, it can even qualify the icons if indeed the icons that are the same as android then are nuanced icons and also a particularity that is different from android 12 version that we see the pixels is that.

These themed icons are also applied for example In the application box, something that did not happen with android 12, let’s say that we have tested the pixel 6, but it is a peculiarity that it is quite good that they have it, although it does not apply to third-party applications, which is what the cake would be, indeed, it is such and As you say in this case it only works for Samsung applications although it must be said.

That You Choose Is Valid For All Your Systems

That within what is theming there is another aspect that has surprised us quite a bit and is that it also applies to the new google application widgets that are capable of applying material, you have already explained it very well basically that the color accent that you choose is valid for all your systems and you choose a landmark blue color Well, that blue accent will also be applied to some widgets, among them, as Antonio says.

Those that are already compatible with android 12, that is, google widgets are worth it because the google drive widget for example will appear themed which is quite good if indeed Since we have started to talk about widgets, it is also time to talk about that redesign that Samsung has announced with great fanfare, not because let’s say it was something else, but it is obvious that.

He Language Level 4.0 Because They Carry

The new Samsung application widgets have a different air If we say that all the widgets that you are going to find in the language level 4.0 because they carry that new design style in this case especially It shows in rounded corners, do n’t think here they are going to be the most incredible widgets in the world, but let’s say that all the widgets that you apply have those rounded corners and that consistency that.

The whole system gives you, yes, in some cases Antonio than in applications that don’t They are from Samsung especially because it shows that they have forced it there is a little more if the truth is that we have found cases in which good by applying that new design you find things or with an extra background or as badly cut well I say let’s go You see it and it says it was here there is something strange.

This widget is very cuchi or this solution does not finish working if one thing that we have always liked and that we have been saying in the information that we have brought to the 4.0 channel is These widgets with dynamic colors that are cool especially in the clock application when you have the world clock activated or not in two different cities if one of the cities is p Or at night to another during the day because the widget will change color this is quite handsome and.

Samsung one UI 4.0 The Best Ever
Samsung one UI 4.0 The Best Ever

The Same Or Practically Identical To The One You Find In Android 12

It is an interesting solution by Samsung, yes, well, and to finish a little the theme of the widgets we also have a new selector a selector that in this case is the same or practically identical to the one you find in android 12 with the particularity that in the upper part, well, Samsung suggests you widgets that they honestly have not found the criteria, you will know the feeling that they give random random recommendations completely that.

It is a little bit endless that in terms of theming and widgets section and we are going to a section that has also suffered great news in this case such as the lock screen the lock screen of your Samsung with June and 4.0 well now let’s say It is more customizable than ever mind you could customize some things but now Samsung is going a little bit a step further Antonio And it gives that touch that was missing yes.

New Widgets Especially Applications Such As The Calendar

I think that where it is most noticeable are the typical widgets of the locked screen that in case you do not know them you touch the clock with the phone locked and it shows you that panel, let’s say hidden, not here we are going to find Well, new widgets especially applications such as the calendar, the music player or even the voice voice recording if I remember correctly that basically.

What Samsung tells us is hey look now you will not need or unlock your phone to do everything That you want the truth that it is a very cool solution about the widgets on the lock screen but on a day-to-day basis then I don’t end up using it and it makes me angry because he said this is handsome and this is cool but I don’t know why it is a something that will be something of mine but I have not just found.

The utility beyond going to the next basic song, of course, yes I think that in the end, Samsung is aware that this function has potential but no Or do they end up seeing clearly how to exploit it, no then I understand that they are going to continue adding functions to see if they hit the key and really say hey look with this is we have something differential that another manufacturer does not have totally and . YOU CAN ALSO READ iPhone 13 Pro vs iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Mini ALL the differences

We Can Make For Example That Lewis On Display Lights Up

More changes that this matter suffers blocking Well, now we have in the section of always-on display because in news to extra options that we did not have before and that are well worth we are not going to reinvent the wheel here but basically now we can make for example that Lewis on display lights up only in the case that we receive a notification which then gives us more customization options if I said this.

I think the time has come to talk about specific applications and small details that you are going to find in wadi bey 4.0 I don’t dare I think we can start for example with the calendar theme that I think is one of the applications where this redesign has been noticed the most both by par The aesthetic as well as the functional part if I already know it I have done it more than once the default calendar.

The Samsung phone seems incredible to me and the best thing in the world I return this calendar in guano and 4.0 has been updated we have an interface a little cleaner it is true that at first glance too many things do not change beyond cleaning minimalism some animations but above all, it has very interesting things we have like a search bar at the bottom that we can add events on the fly.

A Doctor At 19 2 Points 30 Not At Seven Thirty

Let’s say with different commands for For example we put I have a doctor you put a doctor at 19 2 points 30 not at seven thirty because automatically that event jumps from the search bar and is placed at that specific time in your calendar which seems very practical yes and it is that in one even 4.0 we are going to find a lot of details of that style not like a mini artificial intelligence that is capable of interpreting according to.

What things not for example also where we have found when you share a photo that well, it has not turned out very well what has been left a little crooked blurred you do not know if it is a photo of miguel or a good log.