Introduction of THE BEST SETUPS for YOUR MOBILE Pimp your Android

THE BEST SETUPS for YOUR MOBILE Pimp your Android. let’s get started and if you want to participate in these tune sessions by acting and to personalize the device you can send your designs on our disk, you will have a link below the description that said Antonio in the five designs that we are going to see today two elements are repeated In common if that is this month to make the article more agile.


That Microsoft Launcher Will Be The Only Exception

That you know that all the designs will use either nova launcher or kw gt valley if we point it out to you in a plan of n Or this specific design because I know that Microsoft launcher will be the only exception, okay, I said, all this has been clarified, I think we can start with the first design, which is that of Armand RV test and the truth is that you are already seeing this design in images It has freaked me out very, very strongly because.

That wallpaper seems to me to have beautiful colors and also as I played with whites to achieve harmony in the design they have had that I liked it a lot if instead of what I liked the most it is like all the geometry part, not because in the end that wallpaper, as Miguel says, is super colorful but that vertical line that coincides with the widget and is also the symmetrical center of everything good is that all .

The Screen Are From The Template Pack

This part returns me, we really wanted nothing to tell you that the icons, in this case, are from huaycos, it is worth a practical one, it is not super known and the widgets that you are seeing on the screen are from the template pack and In this case, specifically the number 65 and 66 and finally the theme of the wallpaper that may be one of the most important points of.

This setup also links to the original message of the author is worth in case there is any doubt some question that Miguel and I solve ourselves because you can raise it will be direct to him or her we stick with the following design in this case of the user Anthony see that this is not sent well design in blue colors in very cold colors that also has a lot of harmonies and above all what mainly stand out above all.

That Some Of These Witches Are A Bit Modified

Those three widgets or four that we have there on the home screen is the side with the calendar that must also be said that some of these witches are a bit modified then the music and then shortcuts if the user also commented that in those shortcuts what he has placed are the The things that I use the most and it made me very funny because he said, for example, I have a QR reader because when I go to a restaurant and so on.

He hears to have it at hand it must be that he goes to many restaurants and obviously it is a function that he cannot miss Totally and then tell you that the launcher, in this case, is inspired by color or it is in the icons are the colored ones, it is worth what you are seeing, obviously this person because he has an op phone and the template pack, in this case, is anything but all for kw people, in this case, the 54 yes with modifications yes.

And the last thing that would be missing to complete this setup would be again the wallpaper that you also have in this case on disk now that as you are seeing is that the disk is a source of inspiration for resources and practically anything you need and be careful if you like the world of comics a little because this world jewelry design is going to look cool and above all Obviously.


So Obvious Maybe You Don’t See Eugenia Maybe

That very comic-style wallpaper stands out with certain widgets that I think it has chosen and that fits perfectly with this design in that it has seduced that it has a comic style all this is because it is perhaps not so obvious Maybe you don’t see Eugenia maybe that’s why when the higher mind knows then without a doubt with the setup it has is the role of any classic comic and is that what Miguel commented is that the widgets that.

They also fit perfectly as it happens with the icon pack that if I do not know if you have noticed but they also have that drawing roll rather than that not American comics and others that make the whole setup well hey well it works frankly well I followed special mention also to that search bar not also with this same style that I understand that it will have just fit with that color that looks very well with the wallpaper say or simply .

That is in this case the icons are phoenix ok phoenix there is a compact and the template pack, in this case, is graffiti force w7 4 and 71, and finally, the wallpaper although I think any image of the classic comic that you know would fit you here You also have it on our album and I didn’t remember that so many designs that we had taken today were totally on our album, we move on with our next design and. YOU CAN ALSO READ ANDROID 12L IS OFFICIAL GOOGLE RESCUES the TABLETS

A Little Bit Of That Aesthetic Melancholic Non-Minimalist

This is one of the ones that I like for a little bit of that aesthetic melancholic non-minimalist that I like so much and not also now tattoo and that has a name that is quite difficult to pronounce, everything has to be said but where we see that rainy background you cannot see a man in the background with an umbrella the light comes out and above all he has used the widgets to give it.

That minimalist touch some widgets that come from an application that is outlined by kw people that I personally like the most and besides all this Well, today I agree with that melancholic part because I see it and I say I also transmit as sadness but calm at the same time it does not have a feeling a little strange perhaps because of how clean the whole design is for all that minimalism that.

It is capable of generating only With this setup and the only thing you would need apart from all this would be in this case the world application which is an application to have wallpapers and others in which you can download any image you like and say that the icons in this case are a pack is called pour hay compact voucher to complete this setup and I think this wallpaper look at it is one of a pixel 2-pixel wheel I want to remember yes yes totally it is that I did not remember myself and also that these things are good sometimes.