AR Glasses, Fitbit’s Future, Other Easy to Miss Google I/O News

AR Glasses, Fitbit's Future, Other Easy to Miss Google I/O News

A photo of a person using Webex on a Chromebook

Image: Cisco

There’s been a ton bubbling up over in the Chrome OS realm of things. One of the more significant pieces of news that cropped up during Google I/O is that Google and Cisco have teamed up to develop a Progressive Web App (PWA) for Webex on Chrome OS.

This might not seem like a big deal if you’re not living your life in meetings all day. But for the Chrome OS platform, this brings it one step closer to becoming a bonafide desktop OS, and it shows how easy it is for a developer to take their app and wrap it in the PWA shell. Cisco designed the app to work like it’s native to Chrome OS, even though it’s coded as a web application.

This also means you don’t have to use the subpar Android app to dial into Webex meetings. Your Chromebook and its inputs and outputs will integrate better, too. And you can tell your co-workers to stop yanking your chain for asking IT for a Chromebook.

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