Optimus Prime Designs, Ranked

Optimus Prime Designs, Ranked

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Image: Hasbro, Paramount, Netflix, and Saban

There’s plenty of Primes to celebrate with Prime Day this week—perhaps even a Primal or two—but we should never forget the greatest among them all that inspired such a celebration, even more than a multibillion dollar retailer ever could. The one, the only Optimus Prime: or he would be, if there weren’t so damn many of him.

One of the most enduring giant robots in history, over generations Optimus Prime has seen himself re-worked and tweaked for new iterations of cartoons, comics, games, and movies. Some are radical overhauls to his design and form, others changes so minor you have to squint until you realize that they’re technically different. But they’re Primes one and all (’til all are one), so to celebrate this year’s Prime Day shenanigans, we’re ranking some of the most visually distinctive versions of the character to find out who’s scrap and who’s ready to roll out into first place.

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