9 Tips for Making the Most of an Airbnb Trip

9 Tips for Making the Most of an Airbnb Trip

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Read as many reviews as you have the time for.
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We’re assuming that you give the reviews at least a cursory glance before booking a place on Airbnb, but we’d encourage you to read as many of them as you have time for, while you’re still choosing where to spend your money.

Reviews give you the real experiences of the people who’ve stayed at a location, rather than the promotional blurb from the owners who want you to make a booking. Find out how fast the wifi really is, for example, or exactly how big (or small) the third bedroom is.

Reviews can also turn up positives or negatives about a place that you haven’t considered or seen in the property listing—everything from the high quality of the food in the bar next door, to the level of noise you can expect in the evenings at the weekend.

At the same time, not every guest leaves a review. Be cautious of overly positive reviews that might be coming from untrustworthy sources looking to fluff up a reputation, or overly negative ones that might come from someone who had an unusually unpleasant stay that wouldn’t accurately represent yours.

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