Best Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy Film Streaming in August 2022

Best Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy Film Streaming in August 2022

Ex Machina, Star Trek 2, Friday the 13th part 6, Prey, Spider-Man 2

Some of the titles coming to streaming this month.
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Welcome back to io9’s monthly Nerd’s Watch, where we pare down the enormous lists of new films and television shows arriving on all your favorite streaming services into the sci-fi, fantasy, and horror titles we think you’ll like most.

As always, we’re including the best new films and TV coming to Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Disney+, and HBO Max—as well as Paramount+, Shudder, and Peacock. Folks, there may be too many streaming services.

Well, it’s time for the good stuff: the best of what’s streaming in August 2022. If you’re only interested in the services you subscribe to, you can jump directly to that page with these links:

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  5. What’s coming to HBO Max in August 2022?
  6. What’s coming to Paramount+ in August 2022?
  7. What’s coming to Shudder in August 2022?
  8. What’s coming to Peacock in August 2022?

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