Predator Movies, Ranked. From 1987’s Predator to 2022’s Prey

Predator Movies, Ranked. From 1987's Predator to 2022's Prey

The leads of four Predator movies in side-by-side images.

The Predator has had quite the set of adversaries.
Image: Fox

Prey is one of the best Predator sequels ever. But is it the best? Find out in our ranking of all the Predator films.

Few sci-fi franchises in film history have gotten the shaft quite like Predator. After an exciting, innovative, original film, 35 years have passed with sequel after sequel at best being passable, at worst being damn near unwatchable. And yet, we continue to watch because that title character—with its cloaking camouflage, incredible gadgets, and terrifying visage—remains compelling all on its own.

Finally, the original Predator gets the sequel it deserves this weekend, Prey— one that embraces what was great about the original film, but with a whole new twist. But this isn’t a film on an ancient planet featuring humans with high-tech weaponry; it’s a prequel, set 300 years before the original, starring a young Comanche woman with nothing but an ax on a string. How does it rank? Keep reading.

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