Power Rangers’ Power Daggers Are Now a $132 Roleplay Collectible

Power Rangers' Power Daggers Are Now a $132 Roleplay Collectible

The Yellow Mighty Morphin Power Ranger’s Power Daggers are the latest item from the original 1993 Power Rangers series to get a higher-end replica in Hasbro’s Lightning Collection. 

Revealed Friday as part of Hasbro’s Power Week, the $132 Power Daggers go on preorder on Hasbro’s Pulse website the same day at 10 a.m. PT for a spring 2023 launch.

The Power Daggers can be displayed separately or connected.


The Power Daggers were part of the arsenal of Yellow Ranger Trini, played by the late Thuy Trang, and this recreation allows for the daggers to be displayed separately as well as connected into a single weapon. 

The Power Daggers themselves also include electronic sounds and lighting effects, and can be placed on a stand for display.

The Power Daggers re-creation comes after the Blue Ranger’s helmet and Power Lance were given a similar treatment for the Lightning Collection. And last month at San Diego Comic-Con, Hasbro revealed the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Dragonzord as the latest robot to get remade for the toy company’s Zord Ascension Project.

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