NASA Artemis 1 relaunch on September 3, timings, livestream

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NASA is set to make its second attempt to launch the Artemis I rocket on Saturday, September 3, 2022 at 2:17pm Florida time. For India, this means around 11.47 pm. The launch will be the second attempt at the mission, after the initial launch attempt on August 29 had to be called off due to technical issues including a problem with one of the rocket’s four main engines.

Mission Manager Michael Sarafin said during a briefing in Florida on Thursday that “there’s no guarantee that we’re going to get off on Saturday, but we’re going to try.” Weather during the launch is expected to be favourable, with a 60 per cent chance that conditions with permit the launch to go through.

In our live blog we will follow all the updates on NASA’s critical Artemis 1 launch, which is part of a broader mission to put humans back on the moon.  You can watch the launch event live using the embedded link below.


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