Pokemon Go Is Celebrating the Harvest Moon with a “Clefairy Commotion” Event

Pokemon Go Is Celebrating the Harvest Moon with a "Clefairy Commotion" Event

The harvest moon will light up the night sky next weekend, and it’ll draw out a certain fairy-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

The mobile game is hosting a “Clefairy Commotion” mini-event on Sep. 10. Clefairy will be appearing in the wild more frequently than normal from 6 to 9 p.m. local time that evening, and you’ll have an increased chance of encountering a shiny one.

This month marks the start of Pokemon Go’s Season of Light, and the game has a variety of events lined up. The annual Psychic Spectacular returns beginning Sep. 6, and this time, you’ll have your first chance to get Mega Alakazam and shiny Elgyem.

Before that, Pokemon Go is holding an Inkay Limited Research event on Sep. 3. You’ll be able to encounter the topsy-turvy Inkay by completing special Field and Timed Research tasks during the event. You’ll also earn increased candy each time you catch a Pokemon.

There are still a few other events lined up for this month, including Fashion Week and September’s Community Day. You can see everything else happening in Pokemon Go over the next few weeks in our September events roundup.

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