Apple’s New iPhone 14 Features That Were on Android First

Apple's New iPhone 14 Features That Were on Android First

A photo of a Samsung device with the always-on display

Image: David Nield

Samsung introduced its version of the always-on display back in 2016 when it launched the Galaxy Note 7. It was billed as a lock screen before the actual lock screen that showed you the time, notifications, or a calendar, though it’s since been expanded to include graphics and other indicators. On that initial Note 7 release, you could even pop out the S Pen embedded into the phone and jot down notes without waking up the AMOLED display and eating up the battery.

Samsung, along with Google, OnePlus, and a host of other Android OEMs, continue to utilize the always-on display on its devices and allow customization for the feature. But Android users have a slightly different ability than what Apple is proposing with its version of the always-on display. Apple’s always-on display is a little more dynamic than Samsung’s, and you can flip between different configurations as you set them up with iOS 16’s new customizable lock screens.

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