The Best Note-Taking Apps for Back to School

The Best Note-Taking Apps for Back to School

The veteran amongst note taker apps, Evernote continues to offer one of the best app experiences in this category, offering just about every feature you can think of. There’s one main area where we still prefer it over the competition, and that’s in the way it’s able to manage large amounts of text—essays, notes, text from web pages, tables, and so on.

Evernote screenshot

Screenshot: Evernote

In other words, Evernote is one of the note-taking apps that’s most competent as an actual word processor, on top of doing everything else that it does (like syncing across multiple devices, incorporating images, handwriting, lists, and scanning in from the camera). Collaboration tools are included too, for working on your stored documents with others.

  • Evernote (freemium up to $10 a month) for Android and iOS

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