Apple WatchOS 9 fitness update and walkthrough [video]

Apple WatchOS 9 fitness update and walkthrough [video]

Apple’s new watchOS 9 has been released for the Apple Watch Series 4 through Apple Watch Series 8. This is one of the biggest updates ever made to the Apple Watch in terms of new fitness features. Here is a video walk-through with everything you need to know!

Here is the timeline for our Apple WatchOS9 fitness update video:

0:00 Apple WatchOS 9 fitness Intro
0:49 Custom Workout Interface
2:21 New Workout Mode
2:58 Editing Heart Rate Zones
3:42 Low Power Mode Options (x2)
5:22 New Running Metrics on the Apple Watch
6:32 Creating Custom Workouts
7:34 New Compass Features
8:28 Bonus

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