Save Up to 40% on a Luxury Pillow at Marlow Today

Save Up to 40% on a Luxury Pillow at Marlow Today

Everyone will get neck pain eventually. When you’re sleeping in a bed and you have a bad pillow that doesn’t prop you up or give you the correct posture while sleeping, you’ll inevitably wake up with some crook in your neck. 

One easy way to mitigate neck pain is to make sure you have the correct pillow. And during Marlow’s birthday sale you can get two pillows for 25% off or four pillows for 40% off through Oct. 11.

So what’s so special about this pillow? Well, the first thing is that it’s fully adjustable. There are three loft profiles that adjust the pillow’s firmness based on your zipper choice. When you keep both zippers closed, you get maximum firmness, one zipper closed and another one open, you have a medium firmness. While all open zippers make the pillow plush. The other nice thing about this pillow is actually the airflow. Not only is this pillow ventilated as a low-density percale shell for comfort.

If you need new pillows to keep you comfortable at night, head over to Marlow today.  

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