The best multiplayer games on the PS5

The best multiplayer games on the PS5

The PlayStation 3 certainly had its fair share of multiplayer games, but these kinds of games didn’t hit their stride until the PlayStation 4. Thankfully, multiplayer games are once again at the forefront of the best games on PS5. Despite the system being so new, there are already a ton of games to try out — whether via online or local multiplayer co-op games. Before picking up a new PS5, you might be wondering what kind of multiplayer games Sony’s new system has to offer.

There are lots to choose from, but in this list, we’ve rounded up the very best multiplayer games available on the PS5 right now.

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Best upcoming PS5 games

Above are all games that are already out, but if you’re curious about upcoming PS5 games, check out the list below. It’s full of highly anticipated titles, though many of them have suffered delays.

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