Wakanda Forever New Trailer Breakdown

Wakanda Forever New Trailer Breakdown

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The scream I screamt. The sharp intake of breath. The way I paused the trailer a dozen times to get this screenshot. I’m so pleased and excited. Hail the Black Panther! No idea who this is—I’ve said before, my bet’s on Shuri, but it could be Nakia or even Okoye. Someone even suggested Ramonda to me, which would be super cool, but is probably not the direction Marvel is going to choose to go.

Regardless, the whole trailer is running on vibes and just barely showing the Big Fights, which I’m very pleased about, and it seems to be doing what a trailer is supposed to do, which is make me fall in love with the “villain.” Anyway, Team Namor, rise up.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever hits theaters on November 11.

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